Eurostands sets up the vaccination hub in Antegnate Gran Shopping mall

Eurostands sets up the vaccination hub in Antegnate Gran Shopping mall

After designing the Covistop line, Eurostands just built a vaccination hub of 400 square meters within the shopping center of Antegnate, in the province of Bergamo.

A work that is the result of the conversion and the reduction of waste: indeed, the director of the shopping center of Antegnate asked Eurostands to reconvert a space already present at their facility, in order to not waste excessive resources.

The response from Eurostands was quick: the company followed the project in detail and created a functional and safe vaccination hub provided with 8 boxes, 4 for reception and 4 for vaccination.

Each module has been equipped with an antibacterial curtain and a specific furniture designed to be comfortable, ergonomic and easily sterilizable. At the entrance and right before entering the waiting room, guests are welcomed by two Covistop sanitizing columns, a distinctive element of Eurostands’ commitment into fighting the pandemic

“For us at Eurostands it is an honor to be able to actively contribute to the vaccination campaign – says the CEO Maurizio Cozzani – A challenge that we decided to immediately accept. The goal was to create a welcoming and safe facility, in which health professionals could work at their best in this important campaign”.


Eurostands is technical supplier at Italia Polo Challenge in Cortina | Eurostands for sports

Eurostands is technical partnersupplier at Italia Polo Challenge in Cortina

As at Cortina World Ski Cup 2021, the company leader in the fair business and temporary architecture accepted a new challenge. In Cortina as well, Eurostands will set up and make safe the prestigious international Polo event.


 Eurostands is not leaving Cortina, but reinforces his partnership with the city. The company, who had set up the World Ski Cup yet as technical supplier, is ready to face another challenge in the sport field. Eurostands, for over 70 years, has done a deal with the FISE and became technical supplier at the Italia Polo Challenge, a major event that will take place on 26th and 27th february. But, for Eurostands is not the first experience in horse racing and events area, but in a well-known field thanks to the solid long-lasting partnership with “Longines Global Champions Tour” and “Longines Rider Master Cup” in Hong Kong.



“Following the set up of the World Ski Cup in Cortina 2021, a work made in a record time and with the main gol of keep safety first, facing this new challenge make us proud–Maurizio Cozzani, AD di Eurostands said – From 2828 meters of the Tofana, to 1923 Fiames village, our team is ready to set up and build a safe environment to host Italia Polo Challenge. Women and men of Eurostands have and are still working to make this possible, with a great hope for the future. We can’t host supporters and fan, but we wish that in a few months everything will be back as normal”.



Eurostands’ team will disassemble the old set up and assemble the new one quite in the same time: the 6000 sq. Meters of set up for the Ski World Cup will be substituted by the new environment thought for Italia Polo Challenge. Eurostands will build the stage near the field, and the VIP lounges too. Last but not the least, the company will make a restyle of the Maxi-screen in Corso Italia, from which all the games will be broadcasted. The main goal is still the safety: Eurostands will set up hygenizing coloumn and will spread bottled gel to all competition’s guests

Eurostands grows in 2020 and exports his know-how in the East (Press Release)

Gabriele Amerio

The italian company, leader in fair business area, is now investing worldwide reinforcing his business in China and in the Gulf area, aiming Expo Dubai 2021 and Beijing 2022. Maurizio Cozzani, CEO at Eurostands, said: “To face pandemic emergency is crucial for us look to asiatic market, in which activities restarted. We have to export our handcraftship know how, Made in Italy pride famous all over the world. 

In the worst year for fair business area, that faced a decrease of 80% according to Aiefi, Eurostands, a company from Lombardia that charged 15 mlilions in 2019, closes 2020 with a gross opereting growth by 2 points and is ready to expand his business in the East. Leader in fair area and temporary architecture, Eurostands flew to Dubai opening his new offices and becoming partner of “Made in Italy in the Gulf Countries” project,  promoted by Italian Chamber of Commerce in the UAE. A bridge between Europe and Middle East, both for new customers that wanted to enter this area and for entreprises that operate there yet, exporting his know how , technologies, innovation and Made in Italy Design

“Facing 2020 has been an hard challenge, and we won them thanks to professionality and perseverance of our team” Maurizio Cozzani said ” In the first phase of pandemic emergency, we transformed our business producing sanitizing devices of Covistop Collection, to keep safe and protect Italy and Italian people. In this second phase we aimed the East and the Middle East, where business has restarted yet. We put solid bases to build a bright future and protect the human potential of our company”. 


Eurostands’ opening in  Dubai is just a step of the bigger process of internationalisation started in 2007 with Hong Kong office opening, followed by the opnening in Shanghai (2009) and gone on with our London branch office in 2016. Recently, the Cpmany has been awarded as “value creator” at China Awards 2021, underlining the strong collaboration between Italy and China.


“I would like to dedicate this prize to women and men of Cortina, that always believed in our company – said Maurizio Cozzani – Asia is still our main market goal and we are working to an ambitious developement plan that, before 2023, will make us a crucial reference in Middle East fair business area. I have grat expectations about the future: Expo Dubai 2021, le Olympic Winter Games in Beijing 2022 and Olimpyc Games in  Milano-Cortina 2026 “.


With 105 employees, 40.000 square meters dof productive site, machines and technologies for woodwork, steel and plastics,  60 trucks, Eurostands represents a solid headquarter for design. 

Targa China Awards | Eurostands vincitore categoria creatori di valore
Eurostands è technical partner di Cortina 2021

Eurostands awarded at China Awards 2020 as “Value creators”

Eurostands awarded at China Awards 2020 in the "Value Creators" category

Eurostands will be awarded at the China Awards 2020 in the category “Value Creators” on the event organized by Fondazione Italia Cina. The awards are dedicated to the companies that gave an important contribution to economic restart.

A great honor for Eurostands, that this year is exporting value in the Middle-East and in Asia. Thanks to the Industrie 51‘s project and the increasing cooperation with asiatic team, the company’s presence in China is growing day after day.

As explained by Fondazione Italia Cina, the main goal of this event is “communicating the importance of the internationalization of business means to italian and chinese entreprises, underlining the benefits linked with services and supplies from Italy to China and vice-versa”.

“I’m very proud for this award” Maurizio Cozzani, Eurostands’ CEO, says “it’s a well-deserved prize to reward the work of our men and women and the Eurostands’ growth in asian market. Our base is italian, but our ambition is still worldwide”.

The event, organized by Fondazione Italia Cina in partnership with Class Editori, will be broadcasted on Class NCBC Channel from 10 a.m. to 11.30 a.m. on february 8.

About us… The partnership between Eurostands and Cortina on “Il Giorno” newspaper

About us… The partnership between Eurostands and Cortina on “Il Giorno” newspaper

One of Eurostands’ greatest achievements of the year is certainly the partnership with the organization of the 2021 FIS Alpine World Ski Championships that will be held in Cortina d’Ampezzo from 7th to 21st February 2021.

To ensure the safety of athletes and professionals has always been the key point of the synergy between Eurostands and the organizers of the event.

Just some data: for more than 70 trips and 25.000 km between Milan and the Dolomites, our workers and designers travelled with our vehicles and cared for the delivery and the installation of 120 sanitizing columns, the setting up of media centers, national villages and VIP lounges.

It’s a story of rebirth and hard work that could not get unnoticed the italian media. Today we are on the pages of Il Giorno, a national daily newspaper, only one of the largest and most prestigious newspapers in Italy that wanted to deepen our history and dedicated space to the mission of Eurostands. Another great achievement that makes us even more proud of our work.

“Something that makes us proud” said Maurizio Cozzani, Eurostands’ CEO. “Since day one we believed that this partnership would have been solid and functional”.

la tofana lounge installata da Eurostands in occasione dei mondiali di sci di cortina 2021
la tofana lounge installata da Eurostands in occasione dei mondiali di sci di cortina 2021


Gabriele Amerio

For over 70 years, Eurostands works in international and local fair and exposition business world. From major events to retail, interior fitting and pop up store, our company is leader in this field and boasts many partnership with luxury brand and international entreprises.

Make every environment a unique environment. This is Eurostands’ mission, that in many years of experience became expert in valorizing every milieu. Light parties, meticoulous installation and more. 

We collaborated with Salone Internazionale del Mobile di Milano e Shanghai, Homi, Maison et Object, Lighting + Building and Fuori Salone, in where our creative office made his fantasy run. Contact us to build a unique environment!

Discover our deLIGHTful gallery.

Eurostands for MasterChef Italia 10 | TV studio set-up

TV studio set-up | MasterChef Italia 10

Once again this year Eurostands Srl set up the tv studio for the recording of the 10th edition of MasterChef Italia, the famous cooking show produced by Endemol Shine Group for Sky.

To fit the interior of the studies, our artisans and craftmen designed and built embossed logos, portals, wrappings and other structural artworks that took more than two weeks of hard work.

A great and refinated teamwork oriented to a common goal: creating an additional value to italian people that in this period of forced lockdown discovered again all the passion for cooking and for the good food.

New MasterChef Italia episodes will be broadcasted until march 2021, on Thursday at 21.15 on Sky Uno. The show will be available on demand on Sky Go, smartphone, tablet and laptop, from home or on-the-go in the EU, or streaming on NOW TV.

Eurostands goes to Gulfood: italian premium art of cooking lands in the Emirates

Eurostands goes to Gulfood: italian premium art of cooking lands in the Emirates

With the new office opening in Dubai, Eurostands is ready to deliver in the ambitious emirates market and economy.

In 2021, our company will proudly partecipate at Gulfood, one of the most famous food exhibitions in the world, with the goal of involving the worldwide gastronomic world. The exhibition will make his debut on 21th february and will be on until the 25th of the same month.

To present and exhalt italian excellences at its finest, Eurostands is available to everyone who is looking a suit-up scenographic solution to exhibit the products.

Eurostands raises his standards and expectations: after the partecipation to EUROSHOP in Dusseldorf, ANUGA in Koln and CIBUS in Parma, the company will try to surprise and astonish even at Gulfood.

Eurostands for kids: “Marebosco” magic world in Rapallo

Eurostands for kids: "Marebosco" magic world in Rapallo

On Christmas time, Eurostands has set up an on demand special stand, made for kids. A product, designed, built and set up by Eurostands to surprise and enchant young and old. The setting, signed by Gaia Moltedo, is a special place, made of dreams. Named “Marebosco”, the realization is a 3D set, marked by the fusion of tipical wood elements mixed with sea elements.

“A very special set built in this unstable pandemic situation, made with the contribution of Elisabetta Lai, our local tourism chief responsable, whi has followed Christmas’ decorations develop in the city” as Carlo Bagnasco, the major, said. “Rapallo is one of the few city that wanted to make a present to our young people,who in this year have been stolen from many happy moments”.

“Lallo e la ricerca della Tavola di Natale perduta” will take place in Rapallo from 5pm to 10 pm from dec. 8 to jan. 6.

Committed by Le Muse Novae cultural association

Set up by Eurostands srl

Scenography by Gaia Moltedo


Eurostands for sports | VIDEO

Eurostands for sports | VIDEO

 Eurostand for sport. A winning marriage that link us with passion, trusthwortiness and ambition.

For over 30 year we build, design and set up public-open areas, media centers, Sponsor & National Villages all over the world.

At Cortina 2021 we are Technical Supplier.