Setup for automotive by eurostands at MIMO Milan Monza Open-air Motor Show

Eurostands for Milano Monza Oper-air Motor Show: the eco-friendly installation of 120 recycled wood platforms

Eurostands keeps on setting up big projects like the FIS Alpine World Ski Championships (Sport Industry) and the Milano Monza Open-air Motor Show (Automotive Industry)From Cortina2021 to MIMO: two of the largest events in Italy in 2021.

The two projects represent a wonderful bridge connecting the mountains and the city environments. The event industry is restarting and Eurostands is part of the relaunching campaign with looking forward to the next major events of Italy.

MIMO is a real open-air car exhibition. Eurostands is a Main Partner of the event and it is setting up the exhibition spaces for 63 brands, 120+ platforms, 2 km of cables and 6500 sqm of recycled wood used.