From design to creation: all Eurostands' services

Account Management

Each client deals directly with a professional Project Manager who answers to anything they need , understands their goals and creates a relationship of trust and cooperation; the PM oversees every phase of the project, from the initial briefing through the implementation of the set-up until the final event.


Working in synergy with the Project Manager, the Eurostands’ Customer Service guarantees to the customer a structured organizational and informative supportin the management of all the phases: about the logistics and distribution, with targeted actions on the retailer in the sales sector; liaising with the public entities and offices of the fairs through assistance services.


In order to provide the best design services for brands around the world, Eurostands has created a world-class platform with talented designers. The company has design centers dedicated exclusively to the creation of stands; starting with a draft or a rough sketch, different solutions are studied and developed in two-dimensional drawings and presented to the customer. As a result of the project's choice, 3D models and video simulations are created to enable a general 'virtual' assessment of the planned project.


The department is dedicated to transform what is designed into constructive expressions. The planning activity , done through the most advanced production engineering programs, is carried out in synergy with the production department in order to optimize the construction solutions and to find the best materials, working with a logic of "problem solving". As an evidence of a continuous process of technological renewal and stylistic research, the collaboration activated with the Polytechnic of Milan whose results highlight the foresight of Eurostands' entrepreneurial vision.


From a structural perspective, the manufacturing activities are divided into two departments: jonery and metal carpentry , both with modern equipment and specialized workers, essential elements in order to achieve a result of excellence. ISO 9001: 2000 and SOA are the certifications that express the high technical value of the entire manufacturing process, before the final phase of quality control. At last, ISO 14001 environmental protection certification is a guarantee of the implementation of a safe place for all workers.


The manufacturing process of any of our metal jobs begins with an inspection of the raw material, followed by the different phases of the industrial cycle, from the first manufacturing processes to the latest finishing, always aligned with rigid standards of the quality. The metal items are provided according to the different requests of the customer, thanks to the collaborations established with the best companies in the fields of metal treatment and the finishing of metal surfaces (cleaning, galvanizing, anodization, painting, etc.). Therefore, in the manufacturingsector Eurostands cancount on a valuable asset of human resources in terms of professionalism, experience, motivation and resourcefulness, able to allow the company to offer a distinctive added value to its customers.


The painting department (part of the manufacturing process) is divided in four areas: dyeing, painting, sanding and drying. Each area is equipped with modern structures for the collection of airborne particles, in order to ensure the protection of the workers’ health and the proper functionality of the machinery.


Whilst several companies outsource the process of the graphic design, Eurostands, on the other hand, invests in human resources and systems that allow to provide to the customers a specific technical support with innovative and prompt proposals. The printing department is equipped with plotters for digital printers and cutters for vinyl sticker; furthermore, through a hot polystyrene cutter, the department is able to produce full-scale realistic models; the UV-based plotter provides direct prints on different types and thicknesses of materials.


Lighting and electrical systems are always required according to electrical safety standards; in order to meet these requirements , Eurostands has qualified electricians to continuously find new materials, high quality electronic components and to offer modern high-tech lighting solutions.


ISO 9001:2015 AND SOA are the authentications that declare the high technical value of the entire manufacturing process, before the last phase of quality control that takes place at the end. Last, but not least, the ISO 14001: 2015 environmental protection certification.


Once disassembled, the components are stored in order to ensure a perfect conservation. All components are cataloged and stored numerically; more than 20,000 m2 of storage space have recently been built to store more than 100,000 m3 of material.


The logistic phase is an additional added value that Eurostands offers to complete the range of services provided to the customer; the company has a large fleet of vehicles (trucks, trailers, vans, etc.) in order to transport goods of all types and sizes to any place and time in Europe. Eurostands organizes each transport independently by third-party couriers to guarantee the quality of the transport, the respect of delivery times and the reduction of costs.