Set up, stands and interior fitting: Eurostands' story



Birth of Artev

Birth of Artev on the initiative of Aldo Rovina, a worthy decorator, who began to alternate the activity of a teacher of decoration and advertising graphic with the design of the first stands.


A new Governance: Flavio Riva joins the company

Entrance of Flavio Riva, son-in-law of Aldo Rovina, in the governance of the company, which takes on the name of Eurostands and crosses national borders consolidating itself as a leading company in the sector.



Acquisition of Modularstand

Acquisition of the control of Modularstand, a company that supplies high-tech modular structures and that is totally incorporated in the ‘90s.


Consolidation and international development

Consolidation of the core business of the company that confirms itself as a leader in Italy and among the first in Europe, in the so called exhibition design: not only planning, production and set-up ofexhibition stands, but also events, shows, museums and art displays, conventions and conferences, fashion shows, showrooms, pop-art stores and world exhibitions with a department dedicated to the engineering of the projects.


First prize at the Lisbon Expo

Realization of the Italian Pavilion at the Lisbon Expo where the company receives the first prize from the Bureau International Des Expositions for the cultural setting, sophistication, architectural processing, set design and lighting.



Expansion of the business areas and new manufacturing chain

Expansion of the business areas with the entrance into the retail sector through the implementation of a new manufacturing chain.


Entrance in Fiera Milano and expansion of the covered areas

Eurostands entrance in Fiera Milano Spa; this experience allows for important structural renewals and a greater opening on international markets, especially outside Europe, with major achievements.

Expansion of covered areas brought from 20,000 square meters to 40,000 square meters with implementation of a technological and productive investment plan.



Aichi Expo. Flavio Riva awarded Commander of Merit of the Republic of Italy

Realization of the most innovative project of the Japanese Expo in Aichi; a waterfall and a huge moving water tank, with visitors following a path suspended on a glass floor. Flavio Riva is awarded the title of Commander of Merit of the Italian Republic for building the most visited foreign pavilion of the Expo (3,800,000 visitors).

Construction of the Auditorium of Fiera Milano, 1,800 square meters completely realised in wood, from the flooring to the sound-absorbing walls and ceiling with movable multimedia equipment.


The Oyster Pavillon of Doha

Construction of the huge “The Oyster Pavillon of Doha ”, will see rising, the same year, in the northern of the modern capital of Qatar, an artificial island over 12 km long.



Birth of Simond

Birth of Simond, today ArredaEventi, a company controlled by Eurostands that deals with the hiring of high designed furniture.


Exponential revenue rise and expansion in asian markets

In 2006-2007, a turnover of forty million euros was achieved.

Entrance into the Asian market and opening in Hong Kong of Eurostands Asia Pacific, strategic branch for the support of Italian companies in exhibitions and conventions in all the countries of the Far East.



Opening of Industrie51 in Shanghai

Reinforcement of the presence in the Far East; opening in Shanghai of Industrie51, a new production site that closely follows the construction of the Italian pavilion at the Shanghai Expo and contributes to the expansion of the production asset and know-how of “Made in Italy”, with a particular focus to the environmental and cultural needs of the different local partner companies.

Awarded in Seoul with the 1st prize for the realisation of a flexible urban lamp powered by sunlight.


Expo Shanghai: the most successful work

Realization at the Shanghai Expo of the most successful scenic architectural project of the event. Highlights: Giorgio De Chirico’s Enigma Triptych, transformed into a 500 sqm mosaic; full-featured La Scala orchestra parterre, installed vertically. Brunelleschi dome maquette 9 meters high.

Construction of the gigantic “The Pearl of Doha”, which takes the name from the artificial island over 12 km long, that will be built in the same year, north of the modern capital of Qatar.



Museum in Baku

Set-up in Baku of the Museum dedicated to the ex-President of Azerbaijan, Mr. Hey dar Aliyev.


Milan Expo: victory of the first prize award

Expo in Milan, construction of the Ecuador Pavilion and the interior parts of the pavilions of South Korea, India, World Expo Muse and Angola, which wins the first overall Expo prize for the project and its implementation.

Awarding of the 1st prize for the realisation of the MBDA, Leonardo Group, at the Military Exhibition in Lima.



World Expo Museum

Realisation of n. 4 pavilions at the “World Expo Museum” in Shanghai.


Opening of Eurostands UK

Opening of Eurostands UK in London as a support of visual merchandising projects for flagship stores of fashion brands and leading customers in London; the company becomes a solid base for the set-ups in England and throughout northern Europe.



Expo in Astana (Kazakistan)

Realisation of the pavilion that represented the hosting nation; the building has become a permanent architecture of the city.


First Prize Award at Eicma for Ducati stand

Appointment of the first prize award for the Ducati stand at EICMA in Milan.



Milan Fashion Week ss2020

Eurostands confirms its position in the fashion sector with the set-ups of Tommy Hillfiger and Furla at Milan Fashion Week SS 2020 in September 2019.