Eurostands and COVISTOP together against Coronavirus

Eurostands and Covistop against Coronavirus

Due to the Covid-19 emergency, Eurostands in cooperation with architect Alessandro Ballocchi, is producing and distributing throughout Italy COVISTOP, the protection system for workers operating at close range with the public.

During a verbal exchange, a sneeze or a cough, it often happens that there may be accidental emission of saliva particles from the oral cavity with the result of compromising verbal communication or creating unfavorable conditions to the maintenance of health.

In order to reduce these risks, a COVISTOP barrier can be installed between operators and the public, one for each workstation, to enable them to operate on a daily basis with more security.


Eurostands has donated Covistop barriers to Cambiago Town Hall and Cambiago and Cavenago Brianza pharmacies, in order to help its territory in the fight against Covid19.

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