Eurostands is the protagonist in the restart of the business with numerous press reviews

Media stories showcasing Eurostands’ conversion.

Available online are numerous press reviews where Eurostands is the protagonist, featuring interviews with our CEO, Maurizio Cozzani, who tells the story of the conversion of our factory for the production and distribution of COVISTOP Safety Products in response to the global crisis.

Eurostands presents COVISTOP Protection System

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Eurostands continues to produce non-stop the Covistop Safety Products and, in order to speed up the distribution process, we have prepared a PRODUCT LINE CATALOGUE, from plexiglass impermeable screens to sanitizing gel dispenser columns, from self-standing partition panels for factories to safety signage for all companies.

Eurostands mobilises its fleet to deliver COVISTOP within 24 hours!

Eurostands mobilises its fleet to deliver COVISTOP within 24 hours!

Our factory continues to produce Covistop safety products, plexiglass barriers to protect operators in close contact with the public from viruses and bacteria. To speed up the delivery process, we have mobilised our fleet of 60 vehicles: we are able to deliver products within 24 hours in Northern and Central Italy and within 48 hours in Southern Italy. In order to support the regions currently most affected by the health emergency, we provide FREE DELIVERY throughout Lombardia and charge only 20 euro for delivery in the rest of Northern Italy. Our expertise is at service of your safety!