Eurostands launches Covistop KIDS, hand sanitizer gel dispenser for children

Eurostands launches Covistop KIDS

In view of a gradual reopening of commercial activities and parks, ensuring that children can leave their homes safely becomes an essential goal. For this reason, Eurostands, a company from Brianza, leader in the exhibition sector, has launched COVISTOP T Sanitizer Kids, a hand sanitizer gel automatic dispenser designed for children.


Protecting children’s health and helping them to orient themselves in an inevitably different way than they have been used to: with the start of Phase 2 and the gradual reopening of shops, parks and restaurants, it is essential that youngsters follow the same health and safety rules provided for adults. As explained in an article published in the Lancet Infectious Diseases Journal, although children often do not exhibit symptoms, they are just as likely to be infected as adults. German research reported in the Guardian suggests that children are able to transmit the virus with the same power as adults. For this reason Eurostands, a world leader in the exhibition fair sector and for a few months now committed to ensure the safety of workers, has decided to expand its line of COVISTOP products to even the youngest, by designing and distributing COVISTOP T Sanitizer Kids, the hand sanitizer gel automatic dispenser for children. Thanks to a simple and linear design and clear and effective language, the colorful column captures the children’s attention helping them to understand the importance in a simple gesture, such as the hand sanitizing, in becoming part of their new daily routine.


If within the home, the experts’ advice is to invite children to wash their hands singing a little song, what happens outside the house? The answer comes from Eurostands CEO Maurizio Cozzani: “Using sanitizing gels, available at the entrance and exit of supermarkets and shops, is key to protecting the health of the community, but often dispensers are too high and not reachable for children, even in places they frequently attend such as bookshops and toy stores. Hence the idea of addressing our attention to even the youngest with a customized product that can interact with them, so that the execution of the numerous healthy steps to follow becomes funny and easier.”