The new jewel from Eurostands, the Covistop free-standing THERMOSCANNER for access control

The new Covistop free-standing Thermoscanner

Eurostands in partnership with DAHUA TECHNOLOGIES, the company leader worldwide in video surveillance, has created the Covistop free-standing THERMOSCANNER, in order to control access and secure environments. The latest product of Eurostands is a concentrate of “homemade” Italian design and cutting-edge technology, invented and created to secure access to restaurants, shops, hotels, schools, hospitals, factories, residential areas and parks.

The COVISTOP product line has been expanded with two new creations, THERMOSCANNER Classic and THERMOSCANNER Multifunction, with added sanitizing gel dispenser.

Eurostands reinvents itself and wins the Covid-19 challenge

Eurostands reinvents itself and wins the Covid-19 challenge

With the exhibition industry in crisis, Eurostands has survived the Coronavirus emergency thanks to Covistop; with 10,000 pieces sold worldwide since the beginning of the emergency and 600 deliveries made in Italy and abroad in just 60 days, the company plans to close the year with a turnover of 24 million euro.

115,000 km traveled, almost 3 times around the world, to secure factories, shops and pharmacies. A race against time that has touched all sectors: from high-end fashion stores, with Armani and Kering Group, to pharmaceuticals, with Sofar and Boston Scientific, through to big companies such as Ducati and VRM, banks, public offices, churches and schools.

“In 60 days everything changed: new opportunities, new ideas and new challenges have arisen – says Mr. Maurizio Cozzani, CEO of Eurostands – On 7th March we found ourselves at a crossroad: to stop the activity putting at risk the future of Eurostands and 110 families or react by identifying a business model suitable for the new needs of the company and, above all, useful for the country. Of course we chose the second way, aware that in order to keep our company together we would have to come to the aid of other companies. In just a few days we converted our production chain by suspending the construction of large set-ups to create products for protecting those premises that had to remain open, putting our know-how and ideas at the service of the country”.

It all started with the plexiglass impermeable screen, designed in the early days of the emergency, a practical and effective response to support operators working closely with the public in those sectors that could not stop with the COVID-19 emergency, such as pharmacists and workers in the food industry. After this first success, which has been recognized by the United Nations, Eurostands decided to expand the COVISTOP line with movable partition walls, automatic sanitizing gel dispensers, signage and a series of different screens. Particular attention has also been paid to children with child-friendly products, such as the automatic sanitizing gel dispenser T Sanitizer Kids, making gestures, that are becoming part of their new routine, simple and fun.