SPACE. Wave&Co’s new idea of showroom, set-up by Eurostands

SPACE. Wave&Co's new idea of showroom, set up by Eurostands

The showroom is hosted in the “Vetro” space at Superstudio, an exclusive location in fashion, design, communication and art headquarter in Tortona area, in the heart of Milan. SPACE is the new idea of showroom, designed by the architect Alessandro Bolla available to customers who would like to experience the latest LED technologies in order to organize and customize their events.

•Modularity. All SPACE screens can be connected to each other creating a single story, otherwise each corner or set can be set up individually, in total autonomy from the rest of the environment.

•Connectivity. The latest technology allows to bring distant places and environments closer following the new safety standards, making SPACE the only environment for hybrid events of very high definition and maximum resolution.

•Immersive and multi-sensory experience. Thanks to the ultra-high definition technology and the utmost care for every single detail that distinguishes Wave&Co, SPACE is not only a place for events, but a blank sheet where to shape the most spectacular ideas.