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SPACE. Wave&Co’s new idea of showroom, set-up by Eurostands

SPACE. Wave&Co's new idea of showroom

The showroom is hosted in the “Vetro” space at Superstudio, an exclusive location in fashion, design, communication and art headquarter in Tortona area, in the heart of Milan. SPACE is the new idea of showroom, designed by the architect Alessandro Bolla available to customers who would like to experience the latest LED technologies in order to organize and customize their events.

•Modularity. All SPACE screens can be connected to each other creating a single story, otherwise each corner or set can be set up individually, in total autonomy from the rest of the environment.

•Connectivity. The latest technology allows to bring distant places and environments closer following the new safety standards, making SPACE the only environment for hybrid events of very high definition and maximum resolution.

•Immersive and multi-sensory experience. Thanks to the ultra-high definition technology and the utmost care for every single detail that distinguishes Wave&Co, SPACE is not only a place for events, but a blank sheet where to shape the most spectacular ideas.

After Italy and China, Eurostands reopen its business also in the UK

From Milan to London, from Italy to European capitals. Giorgio Armani once again relies on Eurostands’ quality and experience to secure all his boutiques in Europe.

After Giorgio Armani’s boutiques in Milan in Via Sant’Andrea and Galleria Vittorio Emanuele, Armani Caffè and Armani Nobu restaurants, the offices in Via Borgonuovo and Via Bergognone, including the Armani Silos exhibition space, the Covistop designed sanitizing columns, created and distributed by Eurostands, land all over Europe at the court of “King Giorgio”.

The Italian designer has decided to ensure the health of customers and employees of his boutiques in the most famous European cities and capitals, including Turin, Florence, Venice, Rome, Malpensa Airport, Cannes, Montecarlo, Paris, Saint-Tropez, Brussels, Munich, Frankfurt, Berlin, Hamburg, Dusseldorf, Geneva, Zurich, Saint Moritz and London.

However, for Eurostands it’s not just Armani. A few days ago, our team delivered the Covistop products also in the prestigious boutiques DSquared and Brioni in the UK capital.

Eurostands UK, thanks to the work carried out by Simone Cortesi, General Manager of the UK Branch based in London, proves to be a strategic and very important benchmark for the Italian retail and exhibition market in the UK.

Eurostands UK is an essential presence not to be underestimated, an advantage for many European and Italian companies, who, using the knowledge, expertise and experience of our Italian team manager in London, can find in Eurostands the solution to many problems and slowdowns caused by the local bureaucracy, in order to solve administrative issues and guarantee smooth economic flows, both for organizational and operative matters.

“We take care of your Italian Brand also in China.”

Eurostands and Industrie51 at the China Beauty Expo 2020 in July with the Intercos Group stand.

Finally, after a long absence from the Italian and global market due to the Covid19 emergency, a window of restart for the entire exhibition and set-up sectors is opening up. Eurostands is ready to face the first real great International commitment in Shanghai, China, at CHINA BEAUTY EXPO, which opens on July 9th, with the stand of INTERCOS GROUP, a leading Italian company in cosmetics, beauty and personal care.

Since we have a Branch in Shanghai and one in Hong Kong, we are sure this will be the beginning of a series of events and fairs that will come back to life. Eurostands together with Industrie51, is ready with Mr. Andrea Pipitone, (General Manager of Eurostands Asia Pacific), to follow step by step the Italian and international customers who want to show their stand and bring their Italian brand to the Far East.

With our best wishes for a successful restart, from the hearts of Eurostands’ women and men, to the whole exhibition sector.
We are here.

The new jewel from Eurostands, the Covistop free-standing THERMOSCANNER for access control

Eurostands creates the free-standing THERMOSCANNER in partnership with Dahua Technologies.

Eurostands in partnership with DAHUA TECHNOLOGIES, the company leader worldwide in video surveillance, has created the Covistop free-standing THERMOSCANNER, in order to control access and secure environments. The latest product of Eurostands is a concentrate of “homemade” Italian design and cutting-edge technology, invented and created to secure access to restaurants, shops, hotels, schools, hospitals, factories, residential areas and parks.

The COVISTOP product line has been expanded with two new creations, THERMOSCANNER Classic and THERMOSCANNER Multifunction, with added sanitizing gel dispenser.

Eurostands reinvents itself and wins the Covid-19 challenge

With the exhibition industry in crisis, Eurostands has survived the Coronavirus emergency thanks to Covistop; with 10,000 pieces sold worldwide since the beginning of the emergency and 600 deliveries made in Italy and abroad in just 60 days, the company plans to close the year with a turnover of 24 million euro.

115,000 km traveled, almost 3 times around the world, to secure factories, shops and pharmacies. A race against time that has touched all sectors: from high-end fashion stores, with Armani and Kering Group, to pharmaceuticals, with Sofar and Boston Scientific, through to big companies such as Ducati and VRM, banks, public offices, churches and schools.

“In 60 days everything changed: new opportunities, new ideas and new challenges have arisen – says Mr. Maurizio Cozzani, CEO of Eurostands – On 7th March we found ourselves at a crossroad: to stop the activity putting at risk the future of Eurostands and 110 families or react by identifying a business model suitable for the new needs of the company and, above all, useful for the country. Of course we chose the second way, aware that in order to keep our company together we would have to come to the aid of other companies. In just a few days we converted our production chain by suspending the construction of large set-ups to create products for protecting those premises that had to remain open, putting our know-how and ideas at the service of the country”.

It all started with the plexiglass impermeable screen, designed in the early days of the emergency, a practical and effective response to support operators working closely with the public in those sectors that could not stop with the COVID-19 emergency, such as pharmacists and workers in the food industry. After this first success, which has been recognized by the United Nations, Eurostands decided to expand the COVISTOP line with movable partition walls, automatic sanitizing gel dispensers, signage and a series of different screens. Particular attention has also been paid to children with child-friendly products, such as the automatic sanitizing gel dispenser T Sanitizer Kids, making gestures, that are becoming part of their new routine, simple and fun.

Eurostands launches Covistop KIDS, hand sanitizer gel dispenser for children

The covistop family is expanding. Eurostands launches a hand sanitizer gel dispenser for children

In view of a gradual reopening of commercial activities and parks, ensuring that children can leave their homes safely becomes an essential goal. For this reason, Eurostands, a company from Brianza, leader in the exhibition sector, has launched COVISTOP T Sanitizer Kids, a hand sanitizer gel automatic dispenser designed for children.


Protecting children’s health and helping them to orient themselves in an inevitably different way than they have been used to: with the start of Phase 2 and the gradual reopening of shops, parks and restaurants, it is essential that youngsters follow the same health and safety rules provided for adults. As explained in an article published in the Lancet Infectious Diseases Journal, although children often do not exhibit symptoms, they are just as likely to be infected as adults. German research reported in the Guardian suggests that children are able to transmit the virus with the same power as adults. For this reason Eurostands, a world leader in the exhibition fair sector and for a few months now committed to ensure the safety of workers, has decided to expand its line of COVISTOP products to even the youngest, by designing and distributing COVISTOP T Sanitizer Kids, the hand sanitizer gel automatic dispenser for children. Thanks to a simple and linear design and clear and effective language, the colorful column captures the children’s attention helping them to understand the importance in a simple gesture, such as the hand sanitizing, in becoming part of their new daily routine.


If within the home, the experts’ advice is to invite children to wash their hands singing a little song, what happens outside the house? The answer comes from Eurostands CEO Maurizio Cozzani: “Using sanitizing gels, available at the entrance and exit of supermarkets and shops, is key to protecting the health of the community, but often dispensers are too high and not reachable for children, even in places they frequently attend such as bookshops and toy stores. Hence the idea of addressing our attention to even the youngest with a customized product that can interact with them, so that the execution of the numerous healthy steps to follow becomes funny and easier.”

Eurostands is the protagonist in the restart of the business with numerous press reviews

Media stories showcasing Eurostands’ conversion.

Available online are numerous press reviews where Eurostands is the protagonist, featuring interviews with our CEO, Maurizio Cozzani, who tells the story of the conversion of our factory for the production and distribution of COVISTOP Safety Products in response to the global crisis.

Eurostands presents COVISTOP Protection System

Download our Covistop catalogue

Eurostands continues to produce non-stop the Covistop Safety Products and, in order to speed up the distribution process, we have prepared a PRODUCT LINE CATALOGUE, from plexiglass impermeable screens to sanitizing gel dispenser columns, from self-standing partition panels for factories to safety signage for all companies.

Eurostands mobilises its fleet to deliver COVISTOP within 24 hours!

Eurostands mobilises its fleet to deliver COVISTOP within 24 hours!

Our factory continues to produce Covistop safety products, plexiglass barriers to protect operators in close contact with the public from viruses and bacteria. To speed up the delivery process, we have mobilised our fleet of 60 vehicles: we are able to deliver products within 24 hours in Northern and Central Italy and within 48 hours in Southern Italy. In order to support the regions currently most affected by the health emergency, we provide FREE DELIVERY throughout Lombardia and charge only 20 euro for delivery in the rest of Northern Italy. Our expertise is at service of your safety!

Eurostands and COVISTOP together against Coronavirus

Eurostands and COVISTOP together against Coronavirus

Due to the Covid-19 emergency, Eurostands in cooperation with architect Alessandro Ballocchi, is producing and distributing throughout Italy COVISTOP, the protection system for workers operating at close range with the public.

During a verbal exchange, a sneeze or a cough, it often happens that there may be accidental emission of saliva particles from the oral cavity with the result of compromising verbal communication or creating unfavorable conditions to the maintenance of health.

In order to reduce these risks, a COVISTOP barrier can be installed between operators and the public, one for each workstation, to enable them to operate on a daily basis with more security.


Eurostands has donated Covistop barriers to Cambiago Town Hall and Cambiago and Cavenago Brianza pharmacies, in order to help its territory in the fight against Covid19.

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