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“We need a tech and design breakthrough for the recovery”: the interview of the CEO of Eurostands for Business Insider Italy

Fairs in Italy. Eurostands' CEO Maurizio Cozzani for Business Insider Italy – the interview

The reopening calendar communicated by Prime Minister Mario Draghi has revived the hopes of trade fair and congress operators: with the resumption of activities scheduled for 1 July (on 15 June for fairs in the yellow regions), companies in the fairs sector are ready to use the rest of the year to recover the financial losses due to the pandemic.

“The trade fair system of Italy has given up the 80% of revenue in 2020. We’ve all lost: the owners of the exhibition parks, the organizers of the events, the service providers and all the staff employed. Not to mention hotels, restaurants, taxis and all those activities related to tourism, especially business tourism” explains to Business Insider Italia Maurizio Cozzani, CEO of Eurostands, international company working in the field of fittings and temporary architecture. “The restart announced by the government is a first step, anyway we think that it will be difficult to return to the turnover of the pre-Covid period before 2022. The spaces and the preparations of the fairs will definitely have to change: from designing differently to investing in technology, so as to involve visitors making them feel safe in a welcoming environment”.

The closures of last year and the necessary restrictions to contain the spread of coronavirus have had a strong impact on tourism in Italy, with inevitable effects also on the trade fair and congresses system.
One after the other all those physical appointments have been canceled, like events that allow the meeting between thousands of people and companies, Italian and foreign. A negative trend that has strongly affected the balance of companies in the sector: according to UFI
– Global Association of the Exhibition Industry, 20% of enterprises scored a sales drop, while over 1 out of 2 reduced their profit by half. “One of the pillars on which the Italian tourism system is based is the ability to attract investors and companies, who choose to come to visit fairs and major events in our country because they look for uniqueness” continues Maurizio Cozzani that explains better, “I choose to come to the Salone del Mobile in Milan because this is where I find the capital of design and architecture. I go to Vinitaly because at the Verona International Exhibition is where many of the best producers of wine in the world are presenting their best products. The same applies to cosmetics in Bologna, men’s fashion in Florence, boating in Genoa”.

The crisis has not only affected Italian operators: The ban on trade fairs affected all countries affected by the pandemic. As the UFI report recalls, the answers provided by the 450 companies in the sector surveyed and distributed across all continents have shown that 54% of the world’s companies have been forced to reduce their workforce. Some companies have tried to convert some production lines to adapt them to a world that has changed.
“During 2020, we transformed our factories”, tells us the CEO of Eurostands, “Instead of cutting wood to build a stand, we tried to go over new markets with other products: we realized plexiglass and columns for the distribution of sanitizing gel, that we sold all over Europe. Instead of sending the carpenters home, we invested in their skills and in their know-how. When it was possible possible, we continued to build fittings, for fashion shows like the Fashion Week in Milan or for the Cortina 2021 World Ski Championships. But we have diversified the activities, we even painted classrooms walls”.

How fairs will change in Italy

The organization of these major events is essential for the resumption of tourism in the Peninsula. But the obstacles that prevent the restart are not lacking. On one hand, the different pace of the vaccination campaign in the various countries and the spread of new variants are factors that the authorities must consider before allowing new reopenings. On the other hand, for those interviewed in the UFI survey, the main problem remains the availability of companies and visitors to participate in physical appointments (64%) followed by the weakening of current measures that limit travels (63%) and safety standards to ensure that trade fairs are held (52%).

“Fairs will necessarily have to change in order to succeed. It will be necessary to invest in new technologies, to carefully choose the materials for the realization of the stands, to develop new projects to make the open spaces more and more safe for the public”, underlines the CEO of Eurostands.

The company has relied on designers and architects to realize its proposals for innovation of the trade fair system. Starting from the design of the environment: “We need to rethink the spaces to ensure a greater distance between visitors and exhibitors. An example is the one offered by the fair in Cologne, where the lanes have been widened from 4 to 8 meters. The small rooms will have to disappear. Then again, it is important to review the materials used in construction. My company is investing in new anti-bacterial paints and washable materials. Even the plexiglass should no longer be a simple piece of plastic placed on a table. For example, we have developed a plexiglass that adapts, as design and structure, to the needs of the Media Centre for the World Ski Championships in Cortina” tells Maurizio Cozzani, adding that “We must not miss all those products that we learned to use in 2020, like masks and sanitizing gel. Finally, we need to invest a lot in technology: an example comes from the fairs in China, where thermoscanners are used to control the temperature and there’s a software that limit the access of people in the various halls. Once the maximum capacity threshold has been established, no other access is allowed”.

The Eurostands’ CEO sees the recipe for the recovery of the sector in the different design of spaces and technology: “If people know that at the Salone del Mobile in Milan the lanes and stands have been built respecting all the necessary parameters to minimize and eliminate the risk of infection, they will feel safer to go there. The Cortina Foundation, chaired by Alessandro Benetton, demonstrated how it was possible to set the World Ski Championships in safety. And we are confident for the openings in the second semester: there are already signals of recovery. We are working on several dossiers, such as the Waterfront in Costa Smeralda and the Milano Monza Motor Show”.

Eurostands sets up the biggest vaccine site in Italy – Valmontone (Rome)

Eurostands delivers the Valmontone vaccine site: the biggest in Italy so far

Another important piece in the history of Eurostands that continues its race in favor of the vaccination campaign.

After setting up the vaccination hubs in the shopping centers of Antegnate and Mapello (near Bergamo) and Vigevano, Eurostands delivers the first drive-through vaccine site near Rome for Promos Group.

The vaccination center inauguration

The 8 indipendent structures of the vaccine site have been set up in the huge parking lot of Valmontone Outlet and were inaugurated on the 13th of April by Nicola Zingaretti, the president of the Regione Lazio, and the Councillor for Health, Alessio D’Amato, who visited the new hub set up by Eurostands.

Also important was the presence of Carlo Maffioli, Promos’s President (Management and Marketing Company of Valmontone Outlet), Giorgio Giulio Santonocito, the General Manager of Asl Roma 5, Giuseppe Colombo, Head of Real Estate Italia DWS (Property of Valmontone Outlet) and the mayor of Valmontone, Alberto Latini.

“We tried to create an Italian model,” Santonocito explained to Repubblica, “In Denver there are 25 cars that come in together thanks to the large surfaces that the vaccine sites have. We thought about a sort of vaccination island, medically and technologically independent. Two nurses and a doctor will vaccinate four cars with people inside, simultaneously“.

The Valmontone drive in model

The drive in of Valmontone is inspired by the American drive-in of Denver, in Colorado, and it’s been prepared in an area of 20,000 square meters, from the collaboration between the Regional Department of Health, the General Manager of ASL, ASL Roma 5 and Valmontone Outlet (Dws & Promos).

As Regione Lazio explains, “this vaccine point model will be taken as example by the new vaccine centers in Italy: a micro structure, consisting of a container placed under a tensile structure, where two nurses will provide simultaneous vaccination of 4 cars in less than 25 minutes, 7 days a week, from 9.00 to 19.00”

Opening date and map

The center will officially open on 19 April and will allow faster vaccination operations and much higher numbers of vaccinated people.

CovistopBox Outdoor e Dividers for the vaccine points in pharmacies

Vaccine points in pharmacies: here is the equipment for indoor and outdoor areas

The vaccination campaign arrives to the Italian pharmacies that are converting into v-points.

With many years of experience in the field of stands production, Eurostands produces Covistopbox, the portable vaccine HUB, modular and easy to assemble. Ideal for the administration of vaccines, easily adaptable for both indoor and outdoor areas.

This time, Eurostands is focusing on the strength and flexibility of the elements.

Products description

Designed to offer an economical, solid and durable solution, Covistopbox Outdoor is a temporary and modular structure that allows the creation of a practical vaccine hub outside or inside of your pharmacy.

Covistopbox is a modular covered structure designed for pharmacies ideal for the preparation of the vaccine distribution area in pharmacies.

The dividers with wheels are designed to create a private area and to make their handling inside the room even easier and faster. Resistant and washable, they provide pharmacists with concrete help.

CovistopBox features

Covistopbox is a modular iron structure covered with sandwich panels and equipped with a sliding door. The surfaces of the box are perfectly washable, thus facilitating the internal cleaning.

On request, this mini vaccination hub can be customized with graphics and logo of the pharmacy and it is supplied with furniture.

  1. available in various sizes: 2,5×3; 2,5×4 ; 2,5×5
  2. equipped with washable and antibacterial fabrics
  3. Basic furniture available
  4. rental or sale formula
  5. resistant to atmospheric agents

CovistopBox indoor, the modular structure for vaccination points

Pharmacies and stores: here is the modular structure for the distribution of vaccines

Eurostands contributes to the vaccination campaign. After setting up one of the first vaccine centers in Italy, the company releases Covistopbox, the modular structure suitable for the setting up of the vaccination areas. 
CovistopBox is the vaccination center for your store. Great for pharmacies, offices, commercial activities and public areas, the box can be perfectly adapted to small indoor and outdoor spaces.

Product description and features

Covistopbox is a modular structure designed for stores and pharmacies spaces, ideal for the vaccine distribution areas. Perfect for indoor spaces and adaptable for outdoor, the box is equipped with furniture and is customizable for sizes. Thanks to the antibacterial curtains and washable walls, the box is 100% sanitisable.

Sizes and prices

CovistopBox comes in different sizes: choose from those that best fit the spaces of your store or contact us for a personalized quote.

Eurostands sets up the vaccination hub in Antegnate Gran Shopping mall

Eurostands sets up the vaccination hub in Antegnate Gran Shopping mall

After designing the Covistop line, Eurostands just built a vaccination hub of 400 square meters within the shopping center of Antegnate, in the province of Bergamo.

A work that is the result of the conversion and the reduction of waste: indeed, the director of the shopping center of Antegnate asked Eurostands to reconvert a space already present at their facility, in order to not waste excessive resources.

The response from Eurostands was quick: the company followed the project in detail and created a functional and safe vaccination hub provided with 8 boxes, 4 for reception and 4 for vaccination.

Each module has been equipped with an antibacterial curtain and a specific furniture designed to be comfortable, ergonomic and easily sterilizable. At the entrance and right before entering the waiting room, guests are welcomed by two Covistop sanitizing columns, a distinctive element of Eurostands’ commitment into fighting the pandemic

“For us at Eurostands it is an honor to be able to actively contribute to the vaccination campaign – says the CEO Maurizio Cozzani – A challenge that we decided to immediately accept. The goal was to create a welcoming and safe facility, in which health professionals could work at their best in this important campaign”.


Eurostands is technical supplier at Italia Polo Challenge in Cortina | Eurostands for sports

Eurostands is technical partnersupplier at Italia Polo Challenge in Cortina

As at Cortina World Ski Cup 2021, the company leader in the fair business and temporary architecture accepted a new challenge. In Cortina as well, Eurostands will set up and make safe the prestigious international Polo event.


 Eurostands is not leaving Cortina, but reinforces his partnership with the city. The company, who had set up the World Ski Cup yet as technical supplier, is ready to face another challenge in the sport field. Eurostands, for over 70 years, has done a deal with the FISE and became technical supplier at the Italia Polo Challenge, a major event that will take place on 26th and 27th february. But, for Eurostands is not the first experience in horse racing and events area, but in a well-known field thanks to the solid long-lasting partnership with “Longines Global Champions Tour” and “Longines Rider Master Cup” in Hong Kong.



“Following the set up of the World Ski Cup in Cortina 2021, a work made in a record time and with the main gol of keep safety first, facing this new challenge make us proud–Maurizio Cozzani, AD di Eurostands said – From 2828 meters of the Tofana, to 1923 Fiames village, our team is ready to set up and build a safe environment to host Italia Polo Challenge. Women and men of Eurostands have and are still working to make this possible, with a great hope for the future. We can’t host supporters and fan, but we wish that in a few months everything will be back as normal”.



Eurostands’ team will disassemble the old set up and assemble the new one quite in the same time: the 6000 sq. Meters of set up for the Ski World Cup will be substituted by the new environment thought for Italia Polo Challenge. Eurostands will build the stage near the field, and the VIP lounges too. Last but not the least, the company will make a restyle of the Maxi-screen in Corso Italia, from which all the games will be broadcasted. The main goal is still the safety: Eurostands will set up hygenizing coloumn and will spread bottled gel to all competition’s guests

Eurostands grows in 2020 and exports his know-how in the East (Press Release)


The italian company, leader in fair business area, is now investing worldwide reinforcing his business in China and in the Gulf area, aiming Expo Dubai 2021 and Beijing 2022. Maurizio Cozzani, CEO at Eurostands, said: “To face pandemic emergency is crucial for us look to asiatic market, in which activities restarted. We have to export our handcraftship know how, Made in Italy pride famous all over the world. 

In the worst year for fair business area, that faced a decrease of 80% according to Aiefi, Eurostands, a company from Lombardia that charged 15 mlilions in 2019, closes 2020 with a gross opereting growth by 2 points and is ready to expand his business in the East. Leader in fair area and temporary architecture, Eurostands flew to Dubai opening his new offices and becoming partner of “Made in Italy in the Gulf Countries” project,  promoted by Italian Chamber of Commerce in the UAE. A bridge between Europe and Middle East, both for new customers that wanted to enter this area and for entreprises that operate there yet, exporting his know how , technologies, innovation and Made in Italy Design

“Facing 2020 has been an hard challenge, and we won them thanks to professionality and perseverance of our team” Maurizio Cozzani said ” In the first phase of pandemic emergency, we transformed our business producing sanitizing devices of Covistop Collection, to keep safe and protect Italy and Italian people. In this second phase we aimed the East and the Middle East, where business has restarted yet. We put solid bases to build a bright future and protect the human potential of our company”. 


Eurostands’ opening in  Dubai is just a step of the bigger process of internationalisation started in 2007 with Hong Kong office opening, followed by the opnening in Shanghai (2009) and gone on with our London branch office in 2016. Recently, the Cpmany has been awarded as “value creator” at China Awards 2021, underlining the strong collaboration between Italy and China.


“I would like to dedicate this prize to women and men of Cortina, that always believed in our company – said Maurizio Cozzani – Asia is still our main market goal and we are working to an ambitious developement plan that, before 2023, will make us a crucial reference in Middle East fair business area. I have grat expectations about the future: Expo Dubai 2021, le Olympic Winter Games in Beijing 2022 and Olimpyc Games in  Milano-Cortina 2026 “.


With 105 employees, 40.000 square meters dof productive site, machines and technologies for woodwork, steel and plastics,  60 trucks, Eurostands represents a solid headquarter for design. 

Targa China Awards | Eurostands vincitore categoria creatori di valore
Eurostands è technical partner di Cortina 2021

2021 World Ski Championship, Eurostands delivers the Media Center, VIP Lounge and National Village set-up – Press release

Cortina, Eurostands sets up installations for over 6.000 sqm of spaces and secures the 2021 Ski World Championship with the Covistop line sanitizing products.

To welcome athletes from all over the world for the 2021 Ski World Championship, the Cortina 2021 Committee has bet on the collaboration with Eurostands, a leading company in design and booths installations that combines the quality of design Made in Italy to the safety of environments. Technical partner for this special sports event, the Milanese company has built and designed the Media Center, the National Village and the VIP lounge areas: 800 linear meters of panelling, 5000 square meters of carpet, delivered more than 2000 pieces of furniture and personalized 120 hands sanitizing columns from the Covistop line.


Despite the uncertainties that gravitate around the world of sport are still many, the adopted approaches to ensure safety change from one country to the other: as reported by France24, ASO and the French sports ministry worked together to ensure safety to the Australian Open, for which it was chosen to require more than 300 athletes for two weeks of quarantine. UEFA, however, could change the format of the Europeans, choosing to play all games in one city instead of the 12 scheduled while, according to The Guardian, the Paris-Nice Cycle route will run without an audience.

A decision also made for the 2021 Ski World Championship, an important event not only for sport but also for the country, since it is the first international event to be held in Italy since the outbreak of the pandemic. Eurostands, a technical partner of the event and a symbol in the set-up sector for over 70 years, guarantees safety in the two-week races, which will take place in the enchanting setting of Cortina. With 16 trucks and 6 vans the company’s designers and workers have travelled 17,600 km, from Cambiago (Milano) to Cortina, with the aim of creating innovative spaces capable of offering an oasis of comfort and safety for sportsmen, journalists and employees.


“We are proud to support the Organization Committee of the 2021 Ski World Championship – says Maurizio Cozzani, CEO of Eurostands – This is a unique opportunity for our country, an important signal after a complicated year. A pride that I want to share with the highest officials of Italian sport, the President of CONI Giovanni Malagò and the team of Fondazione Cortina 2021, chaired by Alessandro Benetton, to witness the Italian excellence.

An extraordinary opportunity dedicated to the commitment of our athletes and the FISI President Flavio Roda: only by carefully designing the spaces we can protect the health of the athletes, the journalists and, we hope in the near future, even the audience who will be able to return to root for their favorites”.


As a technical partner of Fondazione Cortina 2021, Eurostands joins the more than 6,000 professionals and volunteers, putting the quality of Made in Italy design at the service of sport while setting up areas for the media and the athletes. An ambitious project started a year ago with the realization of the Official Time Keeper by Longines, located in Corso Italia in Cortina d’Ampezzo, and that has never stopped despite the restrictions due to the covid emergency.

A great work of preparation, mainly dedicated to interior fitting, which involved the Brianza company from design to construction, up to assembly and led to the construction of the Media Center, the National Village and VIP lounge areas. In just 30 days there were built 800 linear meters of panelling, 5000 square meters of carpet and more than 2000 pieces of furniture, for a total of 6000 square meters.


Safety is always the watchword: all areas, both internal and external, have been set up with 120 hands sanitizing columns. The devices of the Covistop line, which allowed Eurostands not to stop its production even in the harshest months of 2020, have been redesigned to be adapted to the cold environment and have been enriched with pegs that allow installation even in the snow ground.

Eurostands awarded at China Awards 2020 as “Value creators”

Eurostands awarded at China Awards 2020 in the "Value Creators" category

Eurostands will be awarded at the China Awards 2020 in the category “Value Creators” on the event organized by Fondazione Italia Cina. The awards are dedicated to the companies that gave an important contribution to economic restart.

A great honor for Eurostands, that this year is exporting value in the Middle-East and in Asia. Thanks to the Industrie 51‘s project and the increasing cooperation with asiatic team, the company’s presence in China is growing day after day.

As explained by Fondazione Italia Cina, the main goal of this event is “communicating the importance of the internationalization of business means to italian and chinese entreprises, underlining the benefits linked with services and supplies from Italy to China and vice-versa”.

“I’m very proud for this award” Maurizio Cozzani, Eurostands’ CEO, says “it’s a well-deserved prize to reward the work of our men and women and the Eurostands’ growth in asian market. Our base is italian, but our ambition is still worldwide”.

The event, organized by Fondazione Italia Cina in partnership with Class Editori, will be broadcasted on Class NCBC Channel from 10 a.m. to 11.30 a.m. on february 8.

About us… The partnership between Eurostands and Cortina on “Il Giorno” newspaper

About us… The partnership between Eurostands and Cortina on “Il Giorno” newspaper

One of Eurostands’ greatest achievements of the year is certainly the partnership with the organization of the 2021 FIS Alpine World Ski Championships that will be held in Cortina d’Ampezzo from 7th to 21st February 2021.

To ensure the safety of athletes and professionals has always been the key point of the synergy between Eurostands and the organizers of the event.

Just some data: for more than 70 trips and 25.000 km between Milan and the Dolomites, our workers and designers travelled with our vehicles and cared for the delivery and the installation of 120 sanitizing columns, the setting up of media centers, national villages and VIP lounges.

It’s a story of rebirth and hard work that could not get unnoticed the italian media. Today we are on the pages of Il Giorno, a national daily newspaper, only one of the largest and most prestigious newspapers in Italy that wanted to deepen our history and dedicated space to the mission of Eurostands. Another great achievement that makes us even more proud of our work.

“Something that makes us proud” said Maurizio Cozzani, Eurostands’ CEO. “Since day one we believed that this partnership would have been solid and functional”.

la tofana lounge installata da Eurostands in occasione dei mondiali di sci di cortina 2021
la tofana lounge installata da Eurostands in occasione dei mondiali di sci di cortina 2021