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Eurostands sets up the biggest vaccine site in Italy – Valmontone (Rome)

Eurostands delivers the Valmontone vaccine site: the biggest in Italy so far

Another important piece in the history of Eurostands that continues its race in favor of the vaccination campaign.

After setting up the vaccination hubs in the shopping centers of Antegnate and Mapello (near Bergamo) and Vigevano, Eurostands delivers the first drive-through vaccine site near Rome for Promos Group.

The vaccination center inauguration

The 8 indipendent structures of the vaccine site have been set up in the huge parking lot of Valmontone Outlet and were inaugurated on the 13th of April by Nicola Zingaretti, the president of the Regione Lazio, and the Councillor for Health, Alessio D’Amato, who visited the new hub set up by Eurostands.

Also important was the presence of Carlo Maffioli, Promos’s President (Management and Marketing Company of Valmontone Outlet), Giorgio Giulio Santonocito, the General Manager of Asl Roma 5, Giuseppe Colombo, Head of Real Estate Italia DWS (Property of Valmontone Outlet) and the mayor of Valmontone, Alberto Latini.

“We tried to create an Italian model,” Santonocito explained to Repubblica, “In Denver there are 25 cars that come in together thanks to the large surfaces that the vaccine sites have. We thought about a sort of vaccination island, medically and technologically independent. Two nurses and a doctor will vaccinate four cars with people inside, simultaneously“.

The Valmontone drive in model

The drive in of Valmontone is inspired by the American drive-in of Denver, in Colorado, and it’s been prepared in an area of 20,000 square meters, from the collaboration between the Regional Department of Health, the General Manager of ASL, ASL Roma 5 and Valmontone Outlet (Dws & Promos).

As Regione Lazio explains, “this vaccine point model will be taken as example by the new vaccine centers in Italy: a micro structure, consisting of a container placed under a tensile structure, where two nurses will provide simultaneous vaccination of 4 cars in less than 25 minutes, 7 days a week, from 9.00 to 19.00”

Opening date and map

The center will officially open on 19 April and will allow faster vaccination operations and much higher numbers of vaccinated people.